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Give Your Happiness A Boost in 2023!

Looking For Some Inspo To Give Your Happiness A Boost In 2023?

Then check out this great article by Time magazine on The Daily Habits of Happiness Experts.

8 leading happiness experts were surveyed by TIME and asked about their daily habits, and the professional insights they’re most likely to apply to their personal lives. The happiness experts engaged in these weekly happiness habits at least 5-6 times per week:

- Get seven or more hours of sleep 😴 (39%)

- Personal hobby (art, writing, music, cooking, reading, gaming) 🎨 (39%)

- Meditate 🙇🏿 ‍(22%)

- Play Sports ⚽ (22%)

- Spend Time in Nature 🌴 (11%)

- Pray 🙏🏿 (6%)

Wellness looks different for everybody and is definitely not a one-size fits all pursuit, but these activities seem like a good place to start. What happiness booster will you make a habit in 2023? | The Daily Habits of Happiness Experts

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