Transforming Your Organisation From The Inside-Out With Mindfulness

Serving the entire Caribbean region, the Caribbean Mindfulness Institute provides in-person and online, customisable, science-based mindfulness training to help you create happier, more productive, and more resilient workspaces.  Presentations can be one hour, two hours, half day, full day, or two days.  Workshops and keynotes can be tailored to suit your organisation’s specific needs.

Pervasive employee stress can cripple an organisations ability to grow, thrive, and respond in the face of economic and global challenges.  Mindfulness in the workplace can be a powerful force for collaboration, resilience, performance, and organisational growth by:

• Equipping individuals with emotional intelligence and self-awareness;
• Enabling people to recognize the signs of stress and respond more effectively;
• Helping individuals develop discernment between reacting impulsively and responding wisely;
• Supporting a culture where workplace safety, collaboration, and interpersonal-relationships are valued.

If you are interested in having a workshop or presentation at your organisation or event, please let us know some basic details about what you’d like and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



















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About The Facilitator:


Ms. Makeda McKenzie is a mindfulness speaker and workshop facilitator based in Trinidad,

West Indies.  In her engaging and interactive workshops and keynotes, participants learn about mindfulness, stress reduction, emotional intelligence, and how to cultivate more resilience, focus, and fulfillment -  on and off the job.  Makeda is a former HR professional with close to 20 years of progressive corporate experience.  She received her mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) teacher-training from the University of California San Diego, School of Medicine (UCSD) - largely considered to be among the preeminent thought and research leaders in the field of Mindfulness Studies.   She has also completed further professional development training in mindfulness,

happiness and well-being, and psychology at work.

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