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Change Your Life In Just 5 Weeks



Are you tired of feeling stressed out, depleted, and anxious?


Would you like to stress less, focus more, sleep better, and just generally feel better?

Then this class may be just the thing for you.


The next cycle of our popular workshop, Learn to Meditate - Modern Mindfulness for a Busy Life, will be held LIVE & ONLINE over 5 Sundays starting July 11th.  This class is perfect for beginners who would like to learn how to meditate, or for those who have been practicing for a while and interested in deepening their application of mindfulness in everyday life.

This class may be right for you if you'd like to learn how to:

🔸 Develop a mindfulness meditation habit that sticks.
🔸 Relate to stress in a more positive, productive way.
🔸 Bring more presence, calm, and mindfulness to everyday situations.
🔸 Deepen your relationships with loved ones.
🔸 Rewire your brain with new habits for a happier you.

Science shows that mindfulness practice benefits both the mind and body.  Benefits of a regular mindfulness practice include:


✔️ feel less overwhelmed
✔️ improve your sleep quality
✔️ positively change the way you think and feel about your experiences (especially stressful experiences)
✔️ increase your ability to manage difficult situations
✔️ make wiser choices
✔️ reduce levels of anxiety
✔️ reduce levels of depression

✔️ reduce rumination (replaying things in your mind over and over)

✔️ have greater self-compassion


Mindfulness meditation is a safe, natural, non-religious way to improve your overall health as you relax, rejuvenate and reduce the effects of stress on the mind and body.  This workshop consists of teaching, in-class guided meditation, small group discussions, handouts, and recorded meditations for home practice.  Classes will be conducted live & online using Zoom and suitable for both beginner and more experienced meditators.

About Your Teacher -  Makeda McKenzie

This class will be lovingly facilitated by the founder and principal consultant of the Caribbean Mindfulness Institute (CMI), Ms. Makeda McKenzie.  To date, she has trained over 1,400 West Indians in the practice and science of mindfulness.

In her engaging and interactive workshops, participants learn about “mindfulness for real-life” – how to reduce the effects of stress, live with more presence and connection, and cultivate more happiness, fulfillment, and resilience using science-based mindfulness practices.  

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