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The Caribbean Mindfulness Institute Speaks At The Trinidad and Tobago Medical Association

Free Lecture: Mindfulness For A Happier You!

The Caribbean Mindfulness Institute & The Trinidad and Tobago Medical Association

In recognition of World Mental Health Day celebrated on October 10th, I'm delighted to be collaborating again with the Trinidad and Tobago Medical Association and to be part of this esteemed panel. This time, I'll be exploring the science and practice of mindfulness in my popular presentation 'Mindfulness for a Happier You!' at the East Branch's Continued Medical Education meeting on Wednesday 27th October at 6:30 pm.

Mindfulness can be incredibly supportive in reducing the effects of chronic stress, pain, depression, and anxiety on the mind and body. Registration is open to the public and closes on Tuesday 26th at 6 pm. The Continued Education Meetings are accredited by the American Association of Continued Medical Education (AACME) and attendees can claim credits for attending.

To register please CLICK HERE.

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