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Mindfulness Tip: Practicing Mindfulness @Work

30+ years of scientific research, and thousands of personal testimonies, show that practicing mindfulness can be a great way to take care of yourself - mind and body.

But when our workday is filled with meetings, emails, presentations, and phone calls - all on top of our normal workload - it may seem impossible to find time to be mindful at work.

Fortunately, practicing mindfulness at work does not require special props or massive amounts of time. With a little skill and know-how, it can be easy to find opportunities to nurture your wellbeing with an informal mindfulness practice or two during your busy workday.

For example, starting your day with an intention to be present, patient, and calm can work wonders in setting the tone for your workplace interactions for the next 8 hours.

Or, we may not always have time for a 20-minute meditation during the day, but a 3-minute breathing break between Zoom calls can be just the thing to re-center, re-focus, and de-stress.

This week, why not try using one (or all) of these everyday mindfulness tips to help bring more calm, presence, and focus to your day.

Notice how you feel on the days that you practice, and notice how you feel on the days that you don't.

Be sure to drop me a note to let me know how it's going!

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