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Don't Have Time To Meditate?

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

I get it.....

Despite its many proven benefits on the health of the mind and body, when life feels full sometimes our meditation practice slides further and further down our to-do list.

On the days that seem super-busy, maybe try for at least 5-10 minutes of practice, rather than nothing at all, to help you build that mindfulness muscle and inject some calm and self-care into your hectic day. Think of it as a treat - not something that you “have to do”, but something nice that you get to do, just for you.

And it's quite likely that on some days, even 5 minutes may not feel possible. When that happens, you can still practice your mindfulness by showing yourself some compassion. Try speaking kindly to yourself about the challenges you are facing with your commitment to practice. What would you say to a dear friend who was struggling to keep up with her practice? Or missed a day or two? A moment of self-compassion during times of stress can be a powerful mindfulness practice as well.

And remember, you can always begin again....😊

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