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The Caribbean Mindfulness Institute Returns to the International Conference on Mindfulness

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Caribbean Mindfulness Institute Founder and Managing Consultant, Ms. Makeda N. McKenzie, is delighted to return to the International Conference of Mindfulness - hosted by the Aarhus University Dansk Center for Mindfulness, Denmark.

Held live and online July 5th - 9th 2021, the theme of this year's International Conference of Mindfulness (ICM) is "Diversity and Equality - Leaving No One Behind." Through four days of talks, workshops, and symposia, a panel of distinguished international speakers will bring attention to the many areas of society where mindfulness and compassion are making a difference - or has the potential to do so. Makeda was first invited to appear at the ICM in 2020, and this year she'll lead a mindfulness meditation practice for attendees during one of the post-conference practice sessions.

This is sure to be a great programme. To learn more about the conference and the work of the Aarhus University Dansk Center for Mindfulness please click here and here.

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