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Making Mindfulness A Part Of Your Workout

Benefits of working out at home: Fresh air 💨 Sunshine 🌞 Stress Relief 💛 Flatten the curve ⤵ "Flattening the curve" refers to slowing the rate of infection of the coronavirus spreading from one person to another. Social distancing - staying at least 6 feet away from other people wherever possible - is an important part of flattening the curve, so many gyms have closed and more people are working from home. At the end of your workday, treat yourself to some mindfulness by incorporating some mindful awareness into your workout. Start by paying attention to your breath, and when your mind starts to wander bring yourself back to the present moment by gently returning your focus to your breathing. Remind yourself that you're exercising right now and that's all you have to do. You'll deal with the rest when it's time. When you're done with your workout, don't forget to show yourself some gratitude for taking the time to prioritise your health and wellbeing during this time. #healthandwellness #mindfulnesseveryday #mindfulnessforreallife

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