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Intention setting is a life-changing practice.  By becoming intentional, we begin to truly live life “on purpose” - clear in our values, boundaries, and purpose, and resolute in living a life we intend, and not just a life that “happens” to us.  Intention is the starting point of every dream, a compass to navigate an uncertain world, and a guide to turning the dreams that mean the most to us into reality.

In this 3-hour online workshop you will receive:

🔸 An understanding of the science and practice of mindfulness.

🔸 The latest scientific research into the mental and physical mechanisms of sustained habit change.

🔸 Interactive in-class exercises, activities, and discussions.

🔸 Opportunities for individual reflection and journaling.

🔸 Expert-led guided mindfulness meditation to help bring clarity to what you really want in the year to come.

🔸 Supplemental reading material and worksheets to support your continued growth.

Mindfulness meditation is a great way to recharge, refresh, and refocus - that's what makes the timing of this class so special. It's the perfect way to start the New Year.  Last year our two classes were fully booked, so please sign-up as soon as you are able so you are not disappointed.

This class is suitable for both beginner and more experienced meditators.


The cost of this live online workshop is TTD $325 / USD $50. 

About Your Teacher -  Makeda McKenzie

This class will be lovingly facilitated by the founder and principal consultant of the Caribbean Mindfulness Institute (CMI), Ms. Makeda McKenzie.  To date, she has trained over 1,000 West Indians in the practice and science of mindfulness.

In her engaging and interactive workshops, participants learn about “mindfulness for real-life” – how to reduce the effects of stress, live with more presence and connection, and cultivate more happiness, fulfillment, and resilience using science-based mindfulness practices.  

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