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How To Let Go At The End of the Workday

It's Friday! We made it!

To make sure you get the most out of your weekend (or really any day of the week) the Havard Business Review offers these 5 great tips that'll take 10 minutes or less to complete:

🔸 Do one more small task - This way you end your day on a positive note of completion.

🔸 Write a to-do list - On paper or digitally, make a record of all the tasks you need to accomplish the next day, ideally in order of importance.

🔸 Straighten up your work area - Putting things away and getting piles organized will better position you to start off fresh the next day.

🔸 Choose a specific action - That will, for you, symbolize the end of thinking about work.

🔸 Start the evening on a positive note - Ask your friends and family what good or exciting things happened to them that day, then engage with them in a conversation about it. And share what good and exciting happened for you too. These simple steps can go a long way in reducing stress and improving work-life balance. You can read the full article HERE. #boundaries #mentalhealth #mindfulliving

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